Carpe Diem?

So I went through a bit of an existential crisis. Normal, right? Sitting there and questioning the universe while still too young to really question it. It’s basically a premature crisis. Logically, I have nothing to worry about. Sometimes I’m not logical. Ah well, live life to the fullest and love while you’re there. Happy weekday everybody. 

Tired (and Ghost-Writing-Contests) 


Yes I am using this picture again because it combines my two favorite things. Or three. Star Wars, coffee, and complaining. Anyways, do you ever get that really tired feeling where there’s a stuffy sensation that makes your eyelids feel like they’re weighed down with paper clips? I did. Lack of sleep probably tends to do that to you. I need rest, but I just can’t obtain any lately. Hey, sleep schedule! Fix yourself! 

Also in other news, I entered a poetry contest that came back in the mail return to sender. The website and email also mysteriously disappeared. There weren’t any monetary fees connected to it though. What happened? A failed contest attempt or something more sinister? What could they steal? They didn’t even take the poems. 

Musical Mayhem


Is it weird that it hurts a little to listen to his music? Before, there was always that comforting reassurance that Bowie was somewhere. He was in some city, somewhere beneath the same stars. I suppose music is the way he would want to be honored. I almost know for certain. He’s still somewhere beneath the stars, his voice still singing every time his music is played. How fitting. How celestial. How so like Bowie. 

That Monday Feeling


Sometimes you wake up and the dream seemed so much better. I read “The Death of Ivan Ilyich” by Tolstoy. Talk about a story that takes you out of your comfort zone and straight into the alternate realm of philosophical reality… Safe to say, it was a provoking read. As in, it provoked me to find ways to deal with its concept of life, death, and all things every young person should encounter before later crises. Monday seems a bit early to handle such heavy reading. But if not now, then when? Oh dear…



Food. We are all obsessed with it. Are we eating too much? Too little? Are we eating healthy enough? Are we eating unhealthy again? What happened to when we were little and aspartame and fried foods didn’t really matter since a chicken nugget was just a chicken nugget? Good fats. Bad fats. Carcinogens. I’d say that it would be better to return to the Stone Age, but let’s face it. I don’t want to go out and hunt and gather as much as you do. And diets are fads. The good and bad foods are fads. The superfoods like certain berries or oils are fads. Food is to be embraced. If you feel healthy and the doctor has no problem with it, then that’s the best we can do with our food situation. Until every food is documented and organized into good or bad camps, we are playing it by ear. And that’s alright. Just eat your vegetables! 

How to Tuesday

1. Remember it’s not Monday. 

2. It’s basically the weekend. It three days from it. 

3. It’s two full days until Friday. 

4. If you drink coffee, at least you’re awake now. 

5. If you’re addicted to coffee, the coffee didn’t really help all that much. 

6. If you don’t drink coffee, there’s tea. 

7. If you detest caffeine, then at least there’s no possibility of figuring out caffeine is really bad for you in some medical journal later on!

8. You have a whole day ahead of you. 

9. Tuesdays are actually kind of nice. They have a nice ring to them. It’s two’s day. Or too-is-day. Better than the angrier sound of “munnn-day”. 

10! Open the door and live your life! Yay for Tuesday!