When you look

Past it all

In the novel depths of winter 

See the snow

See the rain

See the things that no one


See the colors through the white

See the snow, see the flight

Of the birds past the trees

Feel the colors, see the breeze. 

And your senses alight

Feel the fire, taste the light. 

Hear the snow, feel it fall

From a sky that says it all. 


He who has been written about has become immortalized. 
Death fails to touch him. 

Life, standing so still, on a whim?

Beautiful, lying still in memory. Known throughout eternity. 
Blood has never marred him. 
Ink on stainless ivory. 
Glass-cut and young for worlds to see. 

Words, be my infinity. 


She saw the woman walking down the street, wearing a face that was far too young for the tired-out clothes she wore. And the young girl knew that this woman had seen much in her time. But what could she do? Should she run after her and ask why her clothes were so worn? Yet, in wisdom, the young girl chose to say nothing at all as the old-young woman receded into the light of the setting sun. 



Hello world! So I got accused of catfishing yesterday. 😦 That makes me sad because I’m not that sort of person and, secondly, this blog is more to talk about my writing journey and my upcoming novel than it is to promote myself. Anyways, instead of spreading some hate, try spreading some love this Thanksgiving by only posting positive comments on social media. Alright and have a wonderful day this Thanskgiving everybody! ❤️ May you all be joyful. 


Spent last night procrastinating. Darn Internet. It’s so easy to get sidetracked when “not thinking” web surfing is just a click away. And it wasn’t even being sidetracked for an hour or so. It was hours and hours of just letting time tick away. How do you keep on track when other things seem so much more interesting? Self discipline where are you?! 😶

King Lear

So I watched the play version of Lear with Ian Mckellan. It’s basically about an old man whose two eldest daughters throw him out into the cold because they don’t want to deal with him. And his youngest daughter, who loves him the most, ends up dead. Actually scratch that. The majority end up dead. It’s Shakespeare. The moral of the story is that I was so moved by Ian Mckellan and his performance that I vowed that I wouldn’t do the same thing as those daughters did. The young are obligated to take care of the old. So be it. It’s the right thing to do. 

Double Edged Sword

Snow is a strange phenomenon. It’s beautiful when it first falls. Heck and I hate the cold weather. I still have to admit that there’s something pure and clean about it. Also, it’s fun for a little while. 🙂 but then it just gets dirty. Funny isn’t it? Funny how we eventually see beautiful things enough that we stop being enamoured by them. Also. Ice. ❄️⛄️😶

Cooking on the Holidays- Nastar

So I live in a multicultural household. And every Christmas, the house will end up having lots of pastries/ comfort food. Our house adores food. We associate food with living well and being comfortable and cozy on the holidays. So the perfect thing to make when “tis the season”, is nastar, cookies with cheese dough, which tastes more like biscuit bread if anything, and durian jelly which sort of tastes like caramel. However, to represent the other half of my family, we also bake regular chocolate chip cookies and cinnamon bread. Whatever you end up eating this holiday, remember to enjoy yourselves. Happy holidays everybody! ❤️

Be Happy

Just spent Thursday night having a panic attack. 😦 Ah well. Friday’s here to make it all better. Friday’s like that spontaneous surprise party at the end of the week. Currently reading Harry Potter. Don’t judge me. I didn’t read it the first time around. I’ll get to it. I did get to it, eventually. Time for a little wizard world magic in my daily life. 


Already thinking about baking and cookies and silly sales advertising when it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. I can’t help but dream of Christmas. As of now, writing is very hard to do with such a busy schedule: books to read, books to write, and books even to carry. I’ll also have to fit a trip to visit my family into the vacation. All in good time. All in good time.